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More About Adebowale01

Who am I ?

I am İlkay Kıral, I am a 4th year International Business student at Çağ University.

I take part in Second Life with my avatar named Adebowale01. If you ask what Second Life is, let me answer it immediately. Second Life is the internet-based virtual world launched by Linden Research in 2003. When Second Life was established, its founders were inspired by Neal Stephenson's science fiction novel "Snow Crahs", which describes an unlimited and free world. The game promises its users a second life. Linden Dollar (L $) is used as the currency in Second Life, which creates its own economy. US $ 1 is calculated as 262 Linden (the currency of the game).

I will tell you what we do and our visits each week on my blog.

Stay happily :)

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